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Taj Tyres Ltd a family run business was established in early 2000. The company in question is one of the most proficient and profound ones around at present, and it is in large part due to the comprehensive experience that it entails in the Motor and Tyre industry, stretching over an expanse of 16 years. Taj Tyres Ltd is an independent garage and boasts the latest technology and highly trained professionals in its context. In addition to being technically and skillfully prodigious, the garage’s reach is far reaching as well. The garage in question has numerous branches located in the area of Southampton. It matters not what type of vehicle you have as we assure you with the utmost of confidence that it will be serviced to the best quality and extent probable.

250x250Currently we are offering our services and MOTs to different classes of vehicles, ranging from 1 to 7. This includes Quad Bikes, Motor Bikes, Cars, Vans, Mini Buses, Ambulances, Motor Caravans and more. Thanks to the high-end equipment that we have at our disposal, operated in large part by apt and skilled technicians, we ensure that the services rendered by us are in accordance with the standards of excellence and flawless workmanship.

Unlike the larger and more intricate garages and mechanical workshops, we are a comparatively smaller garage. However this doesn’t in any mean imply that we are diminutive in scale or capability. What we are trying to clarify is that while we are small enough to be empathic and caring towards your needs and demands, we are still large and organized enough to deal with any complex or urgent mechanical malady that presents itself to us. Our organization is constituted with just the right equilibrium of professionalism and customer altruism. So, no matter what the issue, trivial or grievous, don’t hesitate to contact us for its sound and explicit amelioration.

We are very open about our services and believe in providing the customer with the benefit of the doubt. We lay down all of the options that a customer can avail in regards to resolution of his mechanical predicament and leave the choice of alternative to him or her. This allows us not only to provide a service that is compatible and relevant to the individual needs of different customers, but is also quite prudent for those customers who wish to get their work done within a budget. This is a source of great pride for us indeed.

Rest assured that the equipment and parts that we utilize are totally original and endorsed by the manufacturers. Just as new vehicles don’t require servicing by the main dealers in order to prevent violation of warranties, the requirement of double the payment is neutralized. In fact, we can get the same thing done for you, but at half of what it would normally cost you.

It is our aim to make cars on the road consummately safe and optimally functional. You will see our fervor for yourself when you visit us, hopefully soon.

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